MIYABI Sharpening Stone, #1000 Knife Sharpeners and Sharpening Stones 34536-002-0 £104.00

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The whetstone has a roughness of #1000 and thrills both aspiring hobby chefs as well as demanding professional restaurateurs. The whetstone enables you to effectively and easily resharpen different blades. Although the whetstone was specially designed for Miyabi knives, it can also be used for all other professional knives and types of steel. However, a different whetstone should be used for ceramic knives. The synthetic ceramic whetstone offers you the best sharpening results with little effort. Normally, the blade’s material is worn down very quickly.

But this versatile 21 x 7 x 2.5 cm whetstone stands out because it hardly wears down blades at all. Equipped with a slot to put the whetstone in and a matching dressing stone, the Toishi Pro knife accessory basis kit, makes a great addition to the whetstone if required. You’re bound to have lasting fun with your high-quality knives that can be quickly brought back into impeccable shape and resharpened using the effective whetstone from Miyabi.

  • Achieves optimum sharpness
  • Grain 1000
  • Extremely low wear
  • Ultra-fast grinding effect
  • Suitable for all types of knives and material (except for ceramics)
Height:2.5 cm
Length:21 cm
Width:7 cm
EAN: 4009839275050

The Miyabi brand, with its statement "The Beauty of Sharpness", reflects values that are particularly highly prized in Japanese culture. The brand is synonymous with purity, grace and elegance. Miyabi knives combine beauty and exceptional sharpness. They are thus manufactured in the tradition of the ancient masters, who once produced the finest Japanese swords. Miyabi knives are authentic. They are designed by the Japanese and manufactured in ZWILLING's own factories in Japan.

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