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The medium-sized Hinoki wood chopping board is the perfect cutting surface for Miyabi knives, because it ensures that your delicate knives won’t be worn down quickly. Hinoki is a type of cypress wood found only in Japan. It is very light, especially resilient and thus unusually durable. It is also highly water-resistant and therefore can be easily cleaned. Hinoki, which translates roughly to ‘fire wood’, stands out thanks to another benefit – its natural antibacterial properties.

The Hinoki chopping board is 35cm long, 20cm wide and 20cm thick. It is made out of a single piece of wood from the tree trunk’s exterior. As a result, the board does not have to be glued together like other wooden chopping boards. You can cut meat, vegetables and other foods in style and ensure your Miyabi knives stay sharp at the same time.

  • Ideal cutting board made of Hinoki wood
  • Excellent hard and strong cutting surface
  • Durable
Height:3 cm
Length:35 cm
Width:20 cm
EAN: 4009839275012

The Miyabi brand, with its statement "The Beauty of Sharpness", reflects values that are particularly highly prized in Japanese culture. The brand is synonymous with purity, grace and elegance. Miyabi knives combine beauty and exceptional sharpness. They are thus manufactured in the tradition of the ancient masters, who once produced the finest Japanese swords. Miyabi knives are authentic. They are designed by the Japanese and manufactured in ZWILLING's own factories in Japan.

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