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The smooth-wooden knife block is a useful and practical storage utensil for the modern kitchen. The 7-piece set from the ZWILLING® Pure series provides you with the right tool for any task. The larger knives are designed for meat and bread, and the smaller ones for peeling and slicing fruit, vegetables and other foods. Slender sleek bolsters make the knives safe to use and give them a balanced feel.

The black handles of the forged knives are ergonomically designed, non-slip and extremely sturdy. The blades are gently curved and therefore suitable for rocking cuts. These robust kitchen knives are optimally designed, and are always at hand in the practical knife block for all routine and special tasks. The premium, ice-hardened FRIODUR® blades from ZWILLING stay sharp and are highly versatile.

A pair of kitchen scissors are located in the block below the five knives. These are easy to extract by their handles which have grooved insides, ideal for opening screw tops. By placing the practical ZWILLING knife block on working surfaces or close to cutting boards, you'll be well prepared to carry out all your cutting tasks.

Components In Delivery: 1 Sharpening steel, 1 Paring knife, 1 Utility knife, 1 Slicing knife, 1 Chef's knife, 1 Knife block, natural wood, 1 Kitchen Shears

Sharpening steel
EAN: 4009839312472
Paring knife
Blade Length:100 mm
Handle Length:109 mm
Weight:0.049 kg
EAN: 4009839312472
Utility knife
Blade Length:130 mm
Handle Length:109 mm
Weight:0.059 kg
EAN: 4009839312472
Slicing knife
Blade Length:160 mm
Handle Length:123 mm
Weight:0.111 kg
EAN: 4009839312472
Chef's knife
Blade Length:200 mm
Handle Length:126 mm
Weight:0.225 kg
EAN: 4009839312472
Knife block, natural wood
EAN: 4009839312472
Blade Length:95 mm
Length:20.5 cm
Weight:0.121 kg
EAN: 4009839312472
About Zwilling

The ZWILLING brand has been synonymous with high-quality products since 1731 and is one of the world's oldest brands. Offering customers the very best kitchen and beauty products has always been ZWILLING's passion. It has always been the company's aim to use innovative techniques to produce the highest quality products in an appealing and timeless design – all the time evolving shaped, functions and processes. To achieve this, ZWILLING works together with renowned designers, who share ZWILLING's values and visions. The broad-based product range offers products for contemporary home kitchens – from knives and pots to frying pans, flatware and kitchen gadgets. The ZWILLING range is complemented by beauty implements for hand, foot and facial care. High-grade stainless steel products for manicures and pedicures, as well as hair scissors products for brand-conscious consumers and professional users. Cooking thus becomes a pleasure and body care becomes beauty.

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