ZWILLING Knife block, bamboo, 7 pcs. ★★★★ FOUR STAR® 35068-002-0 £399.00

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The 7-piece knife block from ZWILLING offers professional and amateur cooks both convenience and quality. The functional precision provided ensures easy chopping, cutting, peeling and many other tasks. Each FRIODUR® blade is forged from a single piece of premium steel before undergoing ice-hardening. The results are knives that are corrosion-resistant and flexible, retain their sharpness and are capable of coping with the daily routine of kitchen work. These tried and tested masterpieces combine ergonomic design, safety and convenience and rightly belong to one of the world's highest selling knife ranges.

The knife block is made from bamboo and will impress through its natural look and durability. The block includes a chef's knife, a carving knife, a universal knife, scissors and a sharpening rod. The latter enables you to re-sharpen your blades at home. Solid plastic and seamless handles sit comfortably in the hand and enable precision cutting every time. The bolster acts as finger protection and prevents slipping and the risk of injury. The knife block from the FOUR STAR® range enhances your kitchen in a multitude of ways and enables you to create culinary delights for you and your guests.

  • V-edge - a two stage process which finishes in a fine symmetrical edge with the knife angle around 15 degrees per side
  • SIGMAFORGE® knife – one-piece precision forging
  • FRIODUR® ice-hardened blade for exceptional durability of the cutting edge and corrosion resistance
  • Ergonomic synthetic handle for fatigue-free and safe working, with exposed tang
  • Standard bolster which provides a seamless transition between the handle and blade
  • Dishwasher safe but hand washing recommended
  • Made by ZWILLING in Germany
  • Warranty: ZWILLING Lifetime Warranty

Components In Delivery: 1 10cm Paring Knife, 1 13cm Utility Knife, 1 16cm Slicing Knife, 1 20cm Chef's Knife, 1 Sharpening steel (synthetic handle, black), 1 Multi-purpose shears

Blade Length:100 mm
Weight:0.125 kg
EAN: 4009839273995
Blade Length:130 mm
Handle Length:103 mm
Weight:0.053 kg
EAN: 4009839273995
Blade Length:160 mm
Handle Length:123 mm
Weight:0.197 kg
EAN: 4009839273995
Blade Length:200 mm
Handle Length:129 mm
Weight:0.213 kg
EAN: 4009839273995
Sharpening steel (synthetic handle, black)
EAN: 4009839273995
Multi-purpose shears
EAN: 4009839273995

The ZWILLING brand has been synonymous with high-quality products since 1731 and is one of the world's oldest brands. Offering customers the very best kitchen and beauty products has always been ZWILLING's passion. It has always been the company's aim to use innovative techniques to produce the highest quality products in an appealing and timeless design – all the time evolving shaped, functions and processes. To achieve this, ZWILLING works together with renowned designers, who share ZWILLING's values and visions. The broad-based product range offers products for contemporary home kitchens – from knives and pots to frying pans, flatware and kitchen gadgets. The ZWILLING range is complemented by beauty implements for hand, foot and facial care. High-grade stainless steel products for manicures and pedicures, as well as hair scissors products for brand-conscious consumers and professional users. Cooking thus becomes a pleasure and body care becomes beauty.

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