Proefssional sharpening at home

ZWILLING V-Edge knife sharpener

Sharpness at its cutting edge

The ZWILLING V-Edge Knife-sharpener can quickly, simply and effortlessly sharpen Standard and Japanese knives to a level of quality and sharpness that is comparable only to professional sharpening with a whetstone. 

The V-Edge combines the advantages of conventional pull-through knife sharpeners and whetstones to be simple to use and to deliver quick, excellent results. With its carefully arranged ceramic sharpening stones, you can evenly sharpen the entire length of the blade without risk of damaging it.

Please note, Knives with a serrated edge may not be sharpened with the V-Edge.

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What's so special?


How does V-Edge work?

The cutting performance of knives will diminish after extended use, therefore blades requires sharpening. The V-Edge removes dull material from the knife with two different angle adapters.

If your knife is blunt a coarse sharpener will work to sharpen the blade, and if the knife is dull there is also a finer sharpener to hone the blade edge.

The V-Edge allows you to sharpen knives with various levels of dullness as the finer the sharpener is, the lower the amount of material removed from the knife edge. 

Step 1

Place the V-Edge on a flat, non-slip surface.

Step 2

Select the sharpener and angle adapter.

Step 3

Hold the V-Edge with one hand and the knife with the other.


Step 4

Hold the knife horizontally and pull it downwards towards you.

Step 5

Repeat step 4 several times (depending on the initial condition of the knife and the sharpener in use).

Step 6

If desired, switch to a finer sharpener for even better results or switch to a coarser sharpener when more material requires removing.


Knives with a serrated edge must not be sharpened with the V-Edge.

Sharpening basics

Any stainless steel blade eventually dulls with time and requires sharpening. The speed at which a blade dulls depends on conditions such as what it is being used to cut and the kind of cutting board used.

What defines a knife as blunt?

How can I see if my knife needs sharpening?