Kitchen Organisation and Storage Ideas


There are many benefits to having a good sort out in the kitchen. By removing everything from the cupboards, pantry, fridge and freezer, it makes it easier to draft a full inventory of what is available. Making a list of what is already there will prevent unnecessary purchases, doubling up on ingredients or letting food go past its use-by-date. This is a great way of reducing food waste and food sent to landfill, while also helping to save time when shopping and preparing meals for the week ahead. Once all dried, fresh and frozen produce is noted, it can then be stored in a convenient way that is quick and easy to access. As well as keeping ingredients, pre-prepared dishes and leftovers fresh for up to five times’ longer, ZWILLING’s Fresh & Save vacuum food storage saves space while also reducing food odours.

Vacuum Sealing Saves Time

Our ZWILLING Fresh & Save food storage is quick and easy to use. Simply add ingredients, pre-prepared or cooked meals or leftovers then suck the air out using the wireless smart Vacuum Pump and store in the fridge, freezer or pantry. Vacuum sealing not only keeps food fresh for up to five times' longer but it also helps preserve food’s flavour, vitamins and nutrients. To make life easier, pre-prepared dishes can be re-heated and placed straight into the oven up to 180°C {with lid removed} if using one of the glass Vacuum Boxes. The BPA-free Vacuum Bags can also be used to marinate produce and for healthy sous-vide cooking.

Benefits of Vacuum Sealing

The advantage of vacuum sealing is that it significantly reduces the amount of air surrounding the food. This lowers the oxygen content and delays oxidisations and the aerobic process. As the vacuum sealed box or bag has minimal air content, there’s a reduction in moisture - so no more mould or limp ingredients. What’s more, food’s flavour, taste, vitamins and nutrients are all preserved for longer. Perfect for everything from meat and fish to dairy, herbs, soups and sauces. For best results, allow food to cool to room temperature before sealing and avoid opening the lid unnecessarily to prevent air entering inside.

Organising the fridge

Keeping the fridge organised not only makes everything easier to find but it also stops bacteria growing, turning food bad and potentially making people ill. The ideal temperature is between 3-5˚C. Storing food correctly in our Fresh & Save collection of glass and plastic containers and BPA-free bags will keep food fresh for up to five times’ longer. Elsewhere in the kitchen, keep dried ingredients such as pasta, pulses, nuts, cereal and baking ingredients within easy reach in the Fresh & Save plastic and glass containers. Then arrange in order of the most-used for storing within cupboards, the pantry, larder, open shelving or on the worktop

Using the app

To help keep the kitchen running smoothly, the ZWILLING Culinary World app, which is available from the App Store and Google Play, can also be used. Every Fresh & Save product features a QR code that can be scanned with the app. Simply key in a few details and it will remind you when food’s extended shelf life is approaching. Easy to use, the Fresh & Save collection is the perfect way to stay organised.



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