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As September is almost here, it’s nearly time for students to start packing up for university. Whether it’s fresher’s week for first years or heading back after the holidays, starting a new term is a big event. For many, it is their first time away from home and their first experience of cooking for themselves. If you are a student yourself or you have a son, daughter or anyone you know who is about to head off, help them learn about budgeting, saving money and making meals last longer with ZWILLING’s Fresh & Save vacuum food storage.

The 7-piece vacuum starter set for instance is a great introduction to the collection and starts from £79.95. These vacuum sealed food storage containers and bags keep food fresh up to five times longer, not only locking in goodness and flavour but also helping to reduce food waste.

ZWILLING’s Fresh & Save has so many benefits ideal for thrifty students. As well as saving time and money, it also reduces food waste, makes meals last longer and helps store leftovers. The 7-piece starter set comprises two glass vacuum containers, four reusable vacuum bags and a wireless, easy to use vacuum pump. By attaching the pump to the valve on the boxes or bags, air is sucked out, sealing in flavour, vitamins and nutrients. This keeps food fresh for up to five times longer, allowing you to store leftovers safely in the fridge or freezer then reheat them in the microwave or oven at a later date.

The vacuum pump automatically stops when enough of a vacuum is created so it’s quick and easy to use. It’s ideal for everything from lunches on the go and super salad boxes to pre-prepared fruit and vegetables, batch cooked soups, stews, chilli and pasta dishes. The bags can also be used for splitting up packs of meat or fish into smaller portions, creating an easier way for you to cook a light lunch or evening meal.

The Fresh & Save collection comprises glass and plastic vacuum boxes in different sizes as well as handy vacuum bags, which use the vacuum pump to seal in freshness. The cold and heat-resistant glass boxes are suitable for use in ovens up to 180°C {with lid removed} and microwaves {with vacuum seal released}. The plastic boxes are made of BPA-free plastic and are odourless, airtight and microwave-safe for reheating meals. Yes, even with the lid on – simply release the vacuum first. They are ideal for the freezer and are dishwasher-safe. The BPA-free, reusable bags are also a great way of storing pre-prepared ingredients and meals. They can be sealed securely and simply using the zipper. They are also temperature resistant (-18˚C to +100˚C) and suitable for heating food in the microwave.

ZWILLING’S Fresh & Save is also available to purchase separately. Bags come in sets of 10 small, medium or large. The containers meanwhile come in different sizes of plastic or glass designs as well as a large gratin dish and compartmentalised lunchbox. The vacuum pump is also available individually at £69.95 and there’s a vacuum wine sealer too, just in case you need to save an unfinished bottle for next time.

The vacuum sealing process works by using the wireless Fresh & Save vacuum pump. Always ready to use, it doesn’t need complicated setting up and starts at the touch of a button, automatically stopping once the correct vacuum is achieved. It only takes a few seconds to complete and the pump can be recharged using the USB cable included.

All Fresh & Save boxes and bags feature a QR code for use with the ZWILLING Culinary World app. Available to download from the App Store and Google Play, it reminds you of the food’s extended shelf life date. So now you can head off on a new adventure safe in the knowledge that you have the right kitchen kit to get you off to a great start.



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