How to score and shape bread dough

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1 Bread Dough 

knife, loaf pan


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To score bread dough, use a small, sharp knife, razor blade, or bread lame to slash a proofed and shaped
bread. Scoring will help the bread expand where you want it to, instead of bursting at the seams. Bake
scored bread straight after scoring

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loaf pan

To shape bread dough, you have many options. Knead before using the edges of your hands to form the dough into a ball. Then fold the dough into itself and form into a long loaf shape for a loaf pan. Cover and let rise before scoring, if desired, and baking. Shaping wheat stalks is easy. Shape long baguettes, then use scissors to cut angular sections. Push them alternately left and right to make the wheat stalk effect and bake right away. Enjoy!

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