Zwilling Calf Leather Rectangular Manicure Set, Black, 5 Pcs. TWINOX® Manicure Cases 97110-004-0 £289.95

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The traditional leather frame case contains a 5-piece manicure set, keeping the instruments safe in the sturdy pocket case. A small pocket knife, a pair of combined nail scissors, cuticle nippers, nail clippers and a pointed nail cleaner are kept securely in place by precisely positioned tabs. The TWINOX® manicure set has proved itself time and time again over the years owing to the quality of its corrosion-resistant stainless steel implements. Housed in a black pocket case, this set is perfect for using in the home or when you're out and about.

The precision and sharpness of the nail care instruments is what immediately strikes you, followed by their attractive design with a fine satin finish. The satin finish corrosion-resistant stainless steel instruments mean that this manicure set is equally suitable for countries in which it is extremely humid. You'll enjoy these easy-to-clean instruments for many years to come even after extensive use. Always have beautifully manicured nails – at home and on your travels – with this compact, easy-to-use set from ZWILLING.

  • Stainless steel
  • Matt
  • High-quality leather pocket case

Components In Delivery: 1 Nail clippers, satin-finish, stainless steel, 1 Nail nippers, satin-finish, stainless steel, 120 mm, 1 Combination nail scissors, satin-finish, stainless steel, 90 mm, 1 Pocket knife, 1 Ear cleaner, satin-finish, stainless steel, 1 Manicure case, 1 Insert f. gift box

Nail clippers, satin-finish, stainless steel
EAN: 4009839187810
Nail nippers, satin-finish, stainless steel, 120 mm
EAN: 4009839187810
Combination nail scissors, satin-finish, stainless steel, 90 mm
EAN: 4009839187810
Pocket knife
EAN: 4009839187810
Ear cleaner, satin-finish, stainless steel
EAN: 4009839187810
Manicure case
EAN: 4009839187810
Insert f. gift box
EAN: 4009839187810
About Zwilling

The ZWILLING brand has been synonymous with high-quality products since 1731 and is one of the world's oldest brands. Offering customers the very best kitchen and beauty products has always been ZWILLING's passion. It has always been the company's aim to use innovative techniques to produce the highest quality products in an appealing and timeless design – all the time evolving shaped, functions and processes. To achieve this, ZWILLING works together with renowned designers, who share ZWILLING's values and visions. The broad-based product range offers products for contemporary home kitchens – from knives and pots to frying pans, flatware and kitchen gadgets. The ZWILLING range is complemented by beauty implements for hand, foot and facial care. High-grade stainless steel products for manicures and pedicures, as well as hair scissors products for brand-conscious consumers and professional users. Cooking thus becomes a pleasure and body care becomes beauty.

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